Ara 3D

Innovative 3D Software Solutions

A Montreal based start-up
specializing in 3D software development

We develop programs, plug-ins, and libraries for end-users or integration into other software. We bring our unique insights and experience in the domain of 3D data, to tools that efficiently process geometry and provide unprecedented creative flexibility to the user.

Our specialties:

  • 3D data processing
  • Cross-language development (C#, C++, Python, JavaScript)
  • Programming language design and implementation (text-based and visual)
  • Development of libraries, SDKs, and APIs

Current Projects

Revit Exporter

We are working with Next Gen XR on developing Revit plug-ins for exporting geometry in FBX and OBJ formats, along with the BIM data in JSON and CSV. Our competitive advantage is that we generate meshes optimized quadrilaterals and polygons which render efficiently on the web or in real-time rendering engines like Unity and Unreal.

3ds Max Plug-ins

We are creating a set of 3ds Max plug-ins for working with volumes and point-clouds, based on OpenVDB. We are also developing a native particle system that fully integrates with the 3ds Max modifier stack.

File Formats

We are developing the specification and reference implementations for several open file-formats for the efficient representation and serialization/deserialization of 3D and 2D data. These formats are optimized for efficient processing and display in the browser and other rasterization rendering pipelines.


We are building a multi-language technology stack for 3D data processing that is second to none. Like any successful technology company, our foundation is many high-quality industry proven open-source libraries (e.g., OpenVDB, Assimp, System.Numerics, geometry3sharp, Three.JS, OpenEXR, TBB, and others).

In the process of building tools that surpass our customers' expectations, we identified a need for some foundational low-level libraries that we are creating ourselves and releasing as open-source libraries.

  • LinqArray - A C# library for efficient processing of immutable array data structures
  • Math3D - A C# library of basic data structures and 3D vector math
  • FGeometry - A C# library for 3D geometry manipulation
  • array_h - A C++ library for working with containers of data in contiguous memory
  • BFAST - A data/file format for storing arrays of binary data
  • S3D - A file format for 3D scene data

The Competitive Advantages of Open-Source

Ara 3D has a valuable core set of closed source IP built from our unique insights and skills gained from decades of experience working in software development. However, no company can ever attribute their financial success to a vector math library that they keep proprietary or a closed file format that no one else could use.

Open-sourcing our foundation libraries (e.g., math, geometry, and array processing) gives our clients, partners, investors, and ourselves confidence that the libraries we are using are the best quality.

By leveraging and contributing to the open-source community, we benefit from its feedback and contributions. As an organization, this plays a crucial role in our ability to deliver high-quality technology and product to customers.